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Made famous by the legendary James Dean and then Johnny Depp in the recent decade, the legendary JD shaped frame is meticulously recreated by hand by our expert craftsmen in Sabae, Japan; including 50s retro anti-slip strips, 7-barrel hinges, keyhole bridge, signature spear rivets and miter cutting by hand. Miter cut is a critical technique vintage eyewear where the frontal frame and legs each lie at a 45-degree angle, creating a 90-degree angle.

Stylise the TVR®504 with a lightweight clip-on polarized sunglass with vintage filigree design, which is very popular in the 50s.


TVR®504因巨星James Dean及Johnny Depp配戴而声名大噪,这是有史以来最具特色的复古设计。TVR®504采⽤用繁复的老工序打造每一個步完美细节︰50年代的防滑条、老式“七枚蝶番”的枢纽嵌⾦金技术、钥匙孔桥、标志性铆钉,以及Miter Cut工法。Miter Cut工法是复古眼镜设计的制作工序,即框面与镜脚结合处各斜切45度,使镜框呈现90度,将经典TVR®504框型每一个⾓度完美重现。


Country of Origin: Sabae, Japan
Frame Material: ZYL

Datum Expression Size : 48□24  6
Lens width: 46.5mm 
Hinge to hinge width: 133mm
Bridge : 24mm
Temple length: 150mm

Datum Expression Size :46□24  6
Lens width: 45mm 
Hinge to hinge width:
Bridge : 24mm
Temple length: 150mm

Datum Expression Size :44□24 5 3/4 
Lens width: 43mm 
Hinge to hinge width: 125mm
Bridge : 24mm
Temple length: 145mm




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